The Texans are rebranding their culture in the midst of a regime change and the general chaotic nonsense driven by Father Easterby. Like all great corporate attempts to get that sweet environment synergy, it means sticking platitudes in big letters on the office wall.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this and every team does it. Hell, practically every company from startups to conglomerates do it. It always rings kinda phoney and forced but some people respond to it. When your team is currently a dumpster fire of spectacular size, driven precisely by the very people in charge putting these platitudes on the wall, it becomes hilarious. “GET BETTER” feels like it should have a mirror installed directly across the hall from it because the people who need to see it are the ones putting it up.

Full disclosure, I’m not sure when these signs were put up. They might predate the Father. They come from a draft promotional video that frequently talks about how this is a new chapter and these sorts of rebrands tend to coincide with regime changes so they are likely fairly new. The point stands, the current state of the team makes these slogans really funny.

If the Texans are what they repeatedly do, then the Texans are losers. They are perpetual disappointers. The QB is a sex pest, seeing how he’s been very consistent and likes to repeat his crimes. The owner is a moron, and the weirdo puppetmaster in charge is also a moron. Also, “we are what we repeatedly do” feels like an extremely clunky phrase. Why not just “We are what we do”? Shorter, cleaner, ultimately means the same thing.

Anyway, these are the kind of comics you make when you are constantly hitting f5 on news sites waiting for something to happen to Julio Jones or Aaron Rodgers.