Oh my god, Falcons.

If there is any coach in this league that should probably just get fired, it’s Adam Gase. But if you open that question up to the top 2 coaches that should just get fired, it is Adam Gase and Dan Quinn. The Quinn Era needs to be over. While it was ultimately rather successful in regards to the Falcons history, it is defined by absolute choking and it always will be.

The team has been in a downswing since the super bowl collapse and they don’t have injuries to pin most of the blame on like they did last year. The Falcons have now held two massive leads late in week 2 and 3 and both times collapsed in spectacular fashion as to bring up immediate comparisons to the defining game of Dan Quinn’s coaching history. Dan Quinn is a defensive-minded coach. These were comebacks with astoundingly small chances of winning. They lost to Dallas after failing to remember how to play onside kicks (inexcusable) and then came back the next week and gave up a huge lead to Nick Foles in the 4th.

I don’t follow the Falcons closely enough to really pinpoint why this has happened so often. Does the team get prevent-D happy late in games? Are the playcalls on offense really bad like how the super bowl featured Kyle Shanahan not knowing how to bleed clock? Does the organization collectively develop brainworms? One spectacular collapse once in a blue moon…it happens to everyone. Every team has some of those on their resume. Multiple collapses of spectacular proportion within a short time span? That’s a coaching failure. Fire Quinn. The Falcons are headed into the gutter and they need to move on.

Fire Quinn so the Jets can hire him after they fire Gase.