I had an interesting short encounter with a Lions fan on twitter last week. Calvin Johnson said something to the effect of “I might have stuck around if I thought the Lions were capable of winning it all within a few seasons”. It’s late as I finish this, I don’t feel like looking up the full quote. You look it it up. Be the hero you were meant to be.

I made a smart aleck crack about it saying “Calvin Johnson is smart” then quoting the tweet. A Lions fan who wasn’t a follower came back at me with some big-time Lions Pride hate thrown my direction for throwing subtle shade. I get that kind of stuff all the time, a lot of fans are just like that and probably the worst part of making jokes online is the people who take every┬ájoke about their team personally and have no ability to remove themselves from the team emotionally all come after you. But this one surprised me because I’ve never actually seen it from a Lions fan before. Normally Lions fans are like Browns fans, they love their team with a deep, ingrained sense of depression that┬ápermeates their fandom. They allow themselves hope, knowing it will just end in pain. It’s rare to see the pure optimistic RAH RAH TEAM NATION WE’RE THE BEST FUCK YA’LL attitude from a fan of a team known for being a perpetual loser. I found that interesting. All I wanted to say to the guy was “you know you’re a Lions fan, right” but that would have been mean and I learned long ago responding to these type of people online just ends in a pointless slap fight of negativity. Who needs that when I can make butt jokes? Butt jokes make people happy.

Also, I find it interesting, because I don’t think Johnson is wrong. The Lions, with Johnson, were a low seed playoff contender at best. They never took full advantage of their chances. They weren’t close, they needed a few great drafts and some improvements before they felt like true contenders. I didn’t see it happening. Any given Sunday and all that, but the Lions never truly felt like an upset team by the time the playoffs rolled around. They always felt like they were gasping for air.

Anyway, twitter story aside, I find it kind of interesting how this Calvin thing has been going down. It seems like there is a little bit of hidden bad blood between Megatron and the Lions, the details may never come out. Calvin was never a talker or mean to anyone in the media, but he’s been slightly more open since. Of course, there is still a more than likely chance all of this is desperate reporters trying to find #content in the offseason but still. What felt like an amicable split has some bubbling resentment sitting around, like that former couple that broke up, said it was mutual, want to pretend like they are both fine and hang out at the same parties to prove how fine they are, when they are screaming inside and it’s awkward for everyone.

So as I continue to try and think up a proper way to draw Kurt Cousins I give you: Lions fan being whipped by hard truths. you may recognize the Lions fan from earlier comics. I torment him a lot. No more than his team does.