The NFL has had a…mixed handling of the virus situation overall. I think they’ve done better than I expected, but worse than I hoped. The early weeks started well but the Titans outbreak got me really nervous. But the league seemed to weather that early incident with just a few positives per team around the league afterward. I was expecting the league to be facing a crisis by Thanksgiving. They’ve managed to survive that, but we are once again on the verge of going off the rails.

The NFL really messed up by not gameplanning for an extra week or two at the end of the season that they could use as a buffer makeup game week. The NFL is doing what the country as a whole appears to be doing and is just sorta going “THIS IS OUR LIFE NOW UGH” and forcing things to happen because change means we’re weak or something. The Steelers already lost a week thanks to the Titans outbreak and are now being forced to reschedule to Tuesday after the Ravens started getting infected. The Steelers haven’t even had an outbreak yet and are getting screwed by other teams messing it up. Moving the Ravens game off Thanksgiving made sense, but it’s also weird that the league is so eager to shove the Ravens around yet the Broncos had a QB outbreak and were forced to play the game at scheduled time with a random guy off the street at QB. Kendall Hinton, you have my respect. That was an impossible situation.

The Giants are first place in the NFCE! Except Daniel Jones died. Bummer, he’s turned it around in recent weeks. He’s been much safer with the football and making better decisions and throws. It’s not a huge improvement, but enough that if it keeps up I’m fine with keeping him around for year 3. Unfortunately, he’s dead now, and I really wanted to see how he did against the upcoming gauntlet that is our next 4 games compared to these last 3, which have been bad teams.

Very pleased to see the Lions fire Matty Patty. Dude sucked. I’m hoping to make a comic on that so I’ll hold off on expanding my thoughts there.

Another week has gone by where the Raiders and Vikings have deliberately kicked me in the dick. Raiders especially. How do you almost sweep the Chiefs and then go lay an egg that size against the fucking Falcons? The Falcons! Yes, it was an early EST game and the Raiders tend to mess those up, but that bad? This should have been a blowout the other direction. Embarrassing.

I did pretty well this week, especially since I probably only picked the Bucs to win because I enjoy drawing Tom Brady being humiliated and would have picked the Chiefs otherwise.

Lets look at week 13, which at this rate could look completely different from when I write this Sunday night.

I admire the Falcons ability to go out and win games when they should absolutely be tanking the season. Maybe that never say die spark will upset the Saints, who are still starting Taysom Hill instead of being fun. I doubt it. The Saints are probably one of the best teams in the entire league even with ancient Tim Tebow playing QB while Brees heals his 25 broken ribs.
If the Falcons win, I will draw Taysom Hill and Tim Tebow as that Spiderman Pointing Meme

Every fucking week with this team. Vikings? If you can’t beat these lousy Jags, who are practically trying to lose, you can just go fuck off forever.
If the Jaguars win, I will draw Mike “The Neck” Glennon squeezing Kirk Cousins like an anaconda

So the Browns are this year’s “perfectly in the middle” team. They aren’t good, but they aren’t bad. They’ve beaten all the losing record teams on their schedule. They’ve lost, usually badly, to almost all the winning record teams on their schedule. The one exception to this is the Colts, who are good, and they beat. Fortunately for the Browns, they’ve played a lot more losers than winners and have guaranteed at minimum an 8-8 season. Good for them. The Titans are likely going to wipe them out.
If the Browns win, I will draw the Brownie elf throwing the state of Tennessee into a woodchipper

Ah, this ought to be interesting. Will the Lions have the new-coach bump? I think they are great candidates for it. It would appear so many players hated Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them rally around nu-coach and beat the reeling Bears. So yeah. Go Lions.
If the Bears win, I will draw a cute teddy bear dancing around Mufasa’s corpse

Watching the Bengals play the Giants was sad. The Giants probably win that game in a blowout if a few things don’t swing the Bengals way. The kickoff return was a free 7 points, the patented “Evan Engram Fuckup” that got them more support, the terrible DPI call against the Giants to set up their late touchdown, and the fact that Jones went down early in the third made this game way closer than it should have been. Colt McCoy looked terrible in relief. Despite all the things going the Bengals way, Brandon Allen was terrible and the atrocious O-line sealed the deal allowing the game ending strip sack. The Dolphins are better than the Giants, even if they have to start Fitz again.
If the Bengals win, I will draw Joe Exotic with his brand new Dolphin Cage

There is a part of me that is kind of happy the Steelers are as good as they are, because after they’ve been jerked around by the NFL because other teams messed up their covid protocols I can just imagine the crying and whining that would be coming from the yinzers about it if they were average or worse. The Team briefly found first place this week, but it won’t last when the big boys beat them up.
If the TEAM wins, I will draw The Washington Monument kicking the ass of the Cathedral of Learning

DeShaun Watson is playing at an MVP level on this garbage fire and deserves so much better. Colts gonna win.
If the Texans win, I will draw DeShaun holding up the Texans logo a’la Atlas holding up the world

I’m scared that one of these days I’m going to actually have to draw the Jets photo
If the Jets win, I will draw a Jets colored Gundam stomping on Derek Carr

Man this was going to be a loss even before Daniel Jones died, but now it’ll be a depressing loss instead of a potentially funny one.
If the Giants win, I will draw One World Trade Center kicking the Space Needle’s ass

Ugh, both the Rams and Cardinals had big fraud weekends. The Rams choked against Nick Mullens and the forever injured 49ers, and the Cardinals blew it against the cockroach Patriots. Now they have to fight each other and I have to care? Both of these teams are supposed to be good and yet this will somehow be unwatchable. I guess go…Rams?
If the Cardinals win, I will draw old man Larry Fitzgerald and small child Kyler Murray building a sandcastle on top of Jared Goff

The Patriots just won’t accept fate and stay down. They are 5-6 but juuuuuust on the fringes of playoff contention, enough that a win streak could put them in the line. I hate it. Let them die. Just let them die. I wish the Chargers could put that big nail in the coffin but who on earth could possibly trust the Chargers to do anything right.
If the Chargers win, I will draw Justin Herbert pushing Cam Newton back into the grave

I don’t understand why the Eagles haven’t put Hurts in yet. Wentz is broken. The team has a ton of faults, but Wentz is broken. He’s making terrible decisions left and right. This season is a waste, even with them technically in the playoff hunt. They also have a hard schedule so they likely won’t make the playoffs even in this division, as they are really the only team in the NFCE trending downward, weird as that is to say. Put Hurts in. See what you got while you can. What’s the harm? Wentz needs a break to right his brain. The Packers are very competent though, and might be one of the most boring teams in the league to me. They are just like..yeah, they’re about as good as expected. They aren’t fun to watch.
If the Eagles win, I will draw State Farm guy giving the Eagles the Rodgers Rate

The Broncos are still unwatchable. Not even the hilarity of no QB could make them watchable. I hope the Chiefs wipe the floor with them so I don’t have to tune into this game whatsoever.
If the Broncos win, I will draw Patrick Mahomes frozen on top of Pikes Peak

The Cowboys might benefit and not have to face Lamar Jackson! I hope not, because fuck the Cowboys.
If the Cowboys win, I will draw Andy Dalton as the human torch

Come on Bills, just win it. The less games I have to pay attention to the more sleep I can get.
If the 49ers win, I will draw Yosemite Sam dancing around a dead buffalo