For those of you who are probably wondering what’s with the ultra contrived set up for this gag, yes, this item is real. Bernard Pollard invented a plastic tray for bathrooms meant to go on the sink and give you counter space.┬áSometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

First off, congrats to Mr. Pollard, Entrepreneur. Also Patriot Killer.

I have yet to try the product, to me it looks like it makes it just extra difficult to reach the sink and while it says it folds up tight I think it might still seem bulky. But who knows, maybe it’s cool. I just hope one day we get a headline that is “Julian Edelman injures self in bathroom, blames sink accessory” and it’s revealed all this was just Pollard playing the long con. And yes, I am calling it now, Edelman is the next Pollard victim.