This comic represents a first for me. I had this entire thing laid out and was mostly done with the linework when I went to save the file. I tried to think of a good name for it. I settled on “CombineQuestions”. Lo and behold, windows asks me if I want to replace the previous file named “CombineQuestions”. I sat there for like 30 seconds wondering why. Had I already made this joke? I quickly searched my site and wow, look at that. I was  pretty shocked. The last panel in that comic was essentially the exact same panel I had drawn for this one. I had thought up my own damn punchline from 2 years ago. I had legit totally forgot I even made that first comic (which is a shame because I like that one, it’s probably better than this one – you may disagree). I was too far along to come up with a new joke so I changed the final panel to something else since the overall joke setup was different enough that now the two kind of work as a companion piece.

The real irony of it all is that I actually had a different idea in the first place that was about an NFL scout basically having an orgasm over prospects at the combine but I decided I’d already made “The Combine is really creepy” jokes enough times before, so I went with this idea since it was more fresh. D’oh. I made a dumb tweet instead.

Just under 900 comics and for the first time I accidentally managed to rip myself off. DrawPlay fun facts.

We had another combine and we had another reveal of stupid questions asked by teams. The level of weird and off-putting these questions seem to get is gross and it’s a shame they are allowed to ask this kind of stuff. You shouldn’t be allowed to ask someone if they have their testicles unless you are trying to unmask a Lance Armstrong supporter. Yeah, that question was real.

Anyway since apparently I already made this point two years ago, lets food fight. TIME TO GET MAD!

-Pineapple on pizza is good
-Mayo is mostly gross, but necessary on certain foods
-A hot dog doesn’t quite feel like a sandwich, but I lean more towards sandwich than not
-If you put the toilet paper roll on underneath and you don’t explicitly have a cat or child (who are risks for unraveling the roll), you are a criminal
-Pie > Cake
-Chicago Deep Dish pizza is delicious, however it is not pizza
-The best ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip
-The best topping for a bagel is actually just butter, and sometimes jelly. The best bagel in the world is a new york-style egg bagel with butter and jam on it
-Ranch on pizza is delicious but jesus it feels like the most unhealthy thing you can possibly do so I never do it
-Pizza is meant to be folded when you eat it and thick bready crusts are bad. Less crust better crust.
-Cold pizza is great, however not when it is veggie pizza. Veggie pizza does not keep well.
-Eggs are best in scrambled form, and when the scrambled form is closer to dry. Runny eggs are disgusting and like eating snot.
-It’s called Soda.
-It’s called a sub.
-Ketchup on hot dogs is acceptable, though not my first choice
-Oreos are trash garbage. They taste like charcoal with dried putty in the middle. They are only good if you grind them into bits to put in other things, like ice cream.
-Ketchup on eggs is disgusting. Hot sauce on eggs is the truth. Cold salsa on hot scrambled eggs is god mode.
-Tabasco is overrated, the best Louisiana hot sauce is Crystal
-Coke > Pepsi
-Rare steak is gross. Medium is the perfect balance between flavor and texture.
-Fritos are terrible
-Nutella tastes like diabetes and is gross
-Waffles > pancakes
-Mushrooms are delicious
-Olives are even more delicious
-coconut is gross
-Oysters are disgusting
-Crab > Lobster
-Bleu Cheese is good
-The best pop tart flavor is frosted strawberry. The next best is unfrosted strawberry. Every fruit pop tart tastes better than the cinnamon one.
-Pink is the best starburst. Then red. Then yellow. Throw orange in the trash.