Maybe this will convince the thousands of Tebow maniacs that maybe he’s not great at footbalahahahahahahahahaha nah if they haven’t figured it out yet they wont.

I was surprised and both excited and bummed Tebow got cut. After Barkley got traded I just didn’t see that happening, but they cut the Teebster. He didn’t have a great preseason, but he had a few nice drives against the distant depths known as 3rd stringers fighting for jobs. If any team was going to find a way to utilize him, I figured Chip Kelly and the Eagles could. But I guess not. It’s a shame, because Tebow is an entertaining presence on the field regardless of whether he’s pulling a miracle out of his butt or doing something incredibly badly, and it’s a bummer we wont get any Tebow antics. At the same time, hahahahahahahaha suck it Tebow nuts, keep crying.

The most common argument I hear for the Teebster these days is his record as a starter. He won some games (4 years ago) and that somehow qualifies him as good (His record as a starter is 9-7, by the way, a hair above average). Wins are the absolute worst way to evaluate an individual player. Football is a team sport, probably more reliant on everyone being in sync than any other sport, you simply cannot judge an individual by games won. Victories are a team stat. The Broncos won those 6 games in a row and beat the Steelers, not Tebow by himself. Nobody talks about how many games Peyton has won, because his games won isn’t what makes him good. It’s his accuracy, efficiency, QB rating, TDs, yards…individual stats. His throwing mechanics, his decision making… These are the metrics that individual QBs are and should be judged by, and all of these things are things Tebow is bad at. Tebow put up the worst passer rating of all starters in 2011 and his only good game was the Steelers game. Yeah, he threw a game winner in overtime, but people like to forget that he threw like a 7-8 yard quick pass and it was Thomas who turned on the jets and ran 70 yards. DT deserves the credit for that TD more than Tebow does.

You can cry unfairly treated all you want. He’s had his chances. More chances than someone like him would normally get. What sort of player flames out of the league after failing to make the 3rd QB slot and gets a chance 2 years later, out of football the whole time? No one gets that level of second chance. And he still couldn’t crack the final roster. Teebs needs to hang up his cleats and get used to his college ball broadcast job. He’s not going to make it in the NFL. He’s a QB from a different era. If he showed up anytime before 2000 when running the ball was still of utmost importance, he’d be a star. In the modern, pass-centric NFL? He’s a relic and his skillset doesn’t match how the game currently works.