This is one of those cases where I got screwed over by bad timing. Got the idea on Sunday afternoon, couldn’t find time to finish it in for Wednesday, forgot the TEAM was playing Thursday night (against my own team for extra hilarity), and now I have to post it the day directly after a humiliating L, which makes me look petty, but I promise I was just being my regular brand of mean. I even threw the final panel in there last second to make it work.

I think the TEAM is honestly better off with Henieke than Fitz. I think hiring Fitz to take charge is a mistake. He’s never achieved anything but meme status. The TEAM’s biggest need is probably QB, and they stumbled into possibly having one last season for the playoffs, give Henieke the chance. Well, he has to be the guy now, and frankly, I thought he did pretty good. Might not have the style of Fitzmagic but he’s not an old fart journeyman trying to find a job anywhere he can, he’s a low-cost high potential guy who could hold down the fort and potentially be the future should he work out. Fitz isn’t the future, even if he’s good. Give Henieke the shot.

As for the sewage thing, classic Fedex. I’ve been to surprisingly few stadiums but Fedex is one of them and it was a trashbin then and it’s a trashbin now. The official report is that it wasn’t sewage but a busted pipe carrying water from a reserve rainwater tank. While stagnant, fermenting rainwater is certainly a step up from sewage, it’s still pretty damn gross and likely filled with germs. Plus, that’s what Dan Snyder says it was, so there is still a chance it really was sewage.

Anyway fire Joe Judge into the sun. Fire the whole coaching staff. The defense made exactly one play. The offense actually gave Jones time and they still played like conservative ninnies. For being a disciplinarian, this team is woefully undisciplined and pathetic. That will probably be the funniest loss of the year so at least it was hilarious clownball at its best. If you actually had optimism that the Giants would win that game, at this point in time, I’m not sure what could actually break you. Embrace the shit, it ain’t changing for at least most of the season.