I haven’t talked about Ben McAdoo yet because we hired him during a busy time, but I’m okay with him and eager to make lots of McAdoo puns this year.

McAdoo felt like the heir apparent to Coughlin when we hired him. I think he should have sat one more year behind Coughlin and the Giants promoted him almost for fear of losing him to someone else. But I’m okay with him. He’s turned the offense around, he has Eli playing some of his best football ever, and he just looks and sounds like a football dork. I like his style. I like his southern quiet attitude. I like how awkward he seems in front of the camera. I like that he’s hired a very new staff and seems to be trying new things while still being faithful to Coughlin’s style. I like Ben McAdoo. I bet when he has digestive issues he has Ben Wackypoo. Ben McAdoody.

I still wish we had fired Steve Spagnuolo. There is too much hold over love for Spags in the Giants fanbase from 2007, which was literally 8 seasons ago. He’s been shit since, like historically shit too. Last year was one of the worst defenses in NFL history and everyone could see it was bad, but Giants fans are too eager to blame Reese for everything. Reese is at fault, but even with the dregs of what the Giants trotted out last season, a good D-coordinator can still make things work. I mean look at Chicago in 2014, they were an absolute wreck. Then Vic Fangio comes in, has pretty much the same roster as the year before, and they are right in the middle of the pack.

Right now I’m worried the Giants will find a few good fixes this offseason for a few of their holes on D, and the D will improve somewhat, and everyone will say that it was Spags’s doing, when in reality it was probably more Reese for finding a few decent talents plus a little better injury luck. But they won’t improve a substantial amount, just enough to “appear on the right track” and keep Spags, and then our defense in 2017 will not improve, and maybe then people will finally figure it out. I don’t hate Spags, and I’m thankful for 2007, but he’s become such a weird blindspot for a fandom that isĀ all too eager to run a Super Bowl winning coach and GM out the door, as well as another SB winning defensive coordinator.

Anyway I like Ben McAdoo, he’s cool.

Also shoutout to reddit user sudzone89 for the joke idea