When Kyle Shanahan was OC of the Texans there was a particular backup QB on the team. When Kyle bent the knee to lord Shanahan and King Snyder in the District of Columbia he took his sworn sword RG3. The True RG3. But Lord Shanahan and King Snyder played the game of Sexy Thrones, and instead backed a usurper who took the name RG3 as well. But Robert was never the warrior the Dragon was. Yet Lord Shanahan placed the true dragon in the warden’s tent, sitting on the bench and tending to nothing but a weary old playbook. A playbook with very few deep routes. A dragon should not be confined to such displeasure.

It took the passing of seasons for Lord Shanny to find the failure in his choices, but it was too late for him to rectify his error. Shanny is going to get beheaded soon, and Sir Kyle must find his way. His sword bannerman Grossman will depart with him, I hope, because I want to see some goddamn Sexy Rexy passes in NFLsteros before Winter comes.