Goodnight sweet Vince.

The most likable Patriot ever and temporary Houston loaner has finally thrown in the tiny towel that never had a chance of drying his entire body. I think he’s the most likeable Patriot ever. Gronk is great and all that, but his big dumb frat boy thing can get a tad tiresome from time to time. Big Vince? Big Vince is perfect. He’s just a big dude who loves food and clogging up the middle. He retired with an ad for BBQ while wearing nothing but overalls and a hat that just says RIBS.  Vince Wilfork never got the love he so deserved as a national treasure. We should have been praising him the same way we praise Gronk, or Marshawn Lynch, or….well I don’t know what other delightful characters that are great on the same level as those 3 but happy go lucky weirdos comfortable with being fun. Maybe Chad Ochocinco before he did a domestic abuse.

I’ll miss big Vince. He was just a big old reliable run stuffing DT. I hope he sniffs the hall of fame. Not enough DT love in the world, and he had a pretty stellar career. We should list our favorite Vince Wilfork moments.

His Spongebob T-Shirt press conference
His goddamn INT return against the Chargers (WHY WAS HE IN COVERAGE)
I wish I could find a video or gif but he made a stop once and pretended to to be a whale on the ground
Honestly every time he wore the overalls was gold

And never forget, if it wasn’t for Vince Wilfork blowing up the middle and pushing the lineman back, Mark Sanchez may have never run into a butt.

I hope Wilfork enjoys his retirement and has a wonderful life. I selfishly hope he sticks around the spotlight somehow.