Raiders and Broncos fans can agree on three things.
-Fuck the Chiefs
-Lol Chargers
-Josh McDaniels deserves to be put in the Hague.

I still can’t believe he ever got another chance. McDaniels was an astounding disaster in Denver his first time around. He alienated everyone. He might be the reason Jay Cutler doesn’t care. Cutler was a loud firebrand who got in shouting matching with Philip Rivers in Denver. McDaniels came along and pissed Cutler off royally by trying to trade him for Matt Cassell and he tantrum’d his way to Chicago, where he became the grumpy don’t care bear we all know and love. I think that entire experience might be what made Cutler such a grump. But it was more than Cutler. McDaniels drove off or jettisoned plenty of other players (such as Brandon Marshall) so he could bring in his Patriots buddies in and be a little dictator in training. After a hot start, the Broncos imploded. He used a first-round pick on Tim Tebow. He didn’t even make it to the end of his second season, getting fired in early December.

He joined the Rams for a season under the coach who kicked his ass in 2007: Steve Spagnulo. Spags was fired at season’s end. The little weasel went crawling back to New England and rode Tom Brady to more success. Enough success and time managed to rehabilitate his image because NFL executives have pea brains who watched Belichick disciple after Belichick disciple fail in pretty much the exact same fashion as McD did. Eventually, he got his undeserved second chance. Jim Irsay offered him the Colts job. Then at the last second, McDaniels pulls out and runs back to the safety of Billy. I thought that was it. After the Denver failure and publicly skipping town on Indy, that was it for his reputation. His own agent quit on him after that. He sniffed around for another HC gig in the following years, but nobody bit. Even Joe Judge got hired before McDaniels did. His only chance now was to just wait out Belichick and take over when Billy decided it was time.

Fucking Mark Davis, man. I have no idea what that bowl-cut dope was doing in the back of Hooters that morning but whatever it was, he needs to quit it cold turkey because it made him think Hiring Josh McDaniels was a good decision. I don’t know a single person who liked it from the start. He pretty much immediately alienated more dudes and brought in former Patriots. Poor Derek Carr, man. A beloved icon in the fanbase and an alright QB and McDaniels just straight-up broke the man. McDaniels’ first season in Las Vegas had many incredible moments. There was the time the Raiders lost to the Baker Mayfield Rams, 2 days after Baker Mayfield became a Ram. There was the loss to the Cardinals in week 2 where the defense choked and Kyler Murray scrambled around for 10 minutes. There was the ugly Patriots game where the Raiders won pretty much entirely because Jacoby Meyers had the worst brain fart of the year and lateralled it to Chandler Jones. But who can forget the pièce de résistance, losing to Jeff Fucking Saturday, a TV analyst, in his coaching debut with the Colts. I have to imagine Irsay busted out the best drugs he had after that game.

One year later, Carr is in New Orleans, and Patriots boy Jimmy G is getting hurt in Vegas for his old boss. The Raiders would lose to Tyson Bagent, an undrafted rookie, who played QB for the Bears, one of the worst teams in the NFL. A week later, the Raiders would squander a chance against the Lions and Marky Mark finally woke up from his hooters coma and made a good decision. The story that supposedly happened before his firing and the hiring of Antonio Pierce is funnier than any comic I could have made, and I suggest you read it. Fuck you, McDaniels, you giant baby.

So what now? McDaniels has pretty much only ever achieved anything on the back of the greatest player of all time. His greatest achievement without Brady was getting Mac Jones to the wildcard round so they could be nuked by the Buffalo Bills. Can he run back to Bill now? For the first time in 2 decades the Patriots are a pile of pure shit with one of the worst offenses in the league. The coaching staff there is under a lot of pressure and who knows, maybe Bill O’Brien gets canned and Billy goes back to using his little stooge for one last ride. But as things look now, McDaniels will be no heir apparent. Who would want this bum? Who could possibly tolerate this bum?

Well, the XFL and USFL are merging. Might be some opportunity there. That league probably uses concession stands he can work at.