The 2022 Oakland Raiders signed Josh McDaniels to be their head coach. It is only halfway through his first season, but I think most of us can feel secure in our determination that this was a poor decision. It was a bad decision at the time, and it looks even worse now, after a disgusting loss to the stumbling drunk Saints led by the corpse of Andy Dalton. It wasn’t just a loss, it was an embarrassment. The Raiders didn’t even cross midfield till late in the 4th quarter. a 24-0 blowout to a team with at the time, 2 wins and a defense that had yet to give up less than 20 points in a game, coached by a guy they once fired.

It’s hard to remember that just a year ago this same Raiders team, in fact arguably a worse Raiders team with a lamer roster, made the playoffs. Despite hiring a guy who tore Denver to shreds and then left Indianapolis at the altar the Raiders should have upgraded. They got Davante Adams! Chandler Jones! Surely this team could at least be a nuisance. In their first few weeks, they put up some fights despite falling down, and then they entered the “easy part” of the schedule. Texans, Saints, Jags, Colts, Broncos. They did in fact beat the Texans, arguably the worst team in football, and then got shellshocked by SAY IT AGAIN: Andy Dalton.

McDaniels hired two other Patriots brotherhood members, Mick Lombardi (nepotism yay!) and Patrick Graham (actually decent). It makes you really wonder what this team could have done if they just kept Rich Bisaccia. Rich got the job very suddenly last year after the Gruden scandal and he did a pretty good job making everyone forget it. Maybe the team wanted to move on from all remnants of that regime, but I think Bisaccia deserved a chance. Instead, they did the Tobias Funke “did this work for other people? No, but it might work for us” meme and hired a guy pretty much everyone thought was bad. Not even Patriots fans liked him by the time he left. Josh McDaniels has never achieved anything without the greatest QB of all time running his offense for him.

The Raiders can probably squeak out a few more wins, and might even creep close to .500 by the season’s end, but by most measures, this has been a disappointment.