Greg Schiano might be the biggest dick of a head coach I’ve seen in the NFL, and I remember Josh McDaniels. What a punk. I feel really bad for Bucs fans, they don’t deserve this.

I kind of hate the Bucs for how they’ve mistreated Lawrence Tynes and his MRSA issue. No compensation because it’s not a football related injury whatever, two other players got the damn disease from your filthy locker room. The MRSA problem is absurd, how have they not completely firebombed the whole locker room? This is a serious disease and it could infect the whole team, and other teams. The Eagles are totally all gonna die now, which I guess is a bad thing in theory.

As an aside, it’s friggin hilarious how Darrelle Revis took a no guaranteed money contract just to get the hell out of New York, and ended up in an arguably worse situation. Meanwhile the Jets are the best team in NY.


EDIT: For some reason this comic is bringing out the “HURR NEW YORK YOU MEAN NEW JERSEY HURR” people. If you are still using this joke in 2013, congrats on being the least original person on the planet. Yes. The Giants and Jets play in New Jersey. Everyone is fully aware of this, why are we still making this tired technicality joke this late. They represent the NYC metropolitan area and are 5 minutes from NY. Get a new joke. The Washington Redskins play in Maryland. The Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington. The San Francisco 49ers are a season from playing in Santa Clara.