Our featured comic above on the Redskins name is done by a mister Darth Brooks (His internet moniker). Darth is an artist as well, and you can see some of his work here and here. He also makes his own Football Card designs. Darth is a NFL history nut about old teams and uniforms and even spent some time taking very old teams that everyone has forgotten about and seeing how they’d look if they were still around. Check it out, they look great.

I would say I find his thesis presented here about the Skins name interesting. We’ll probably never know for sure why the Redskins got the name they did. Some think Marshall did it on purpose knowing it was a slur because he was a horrible racist. Others, namely Skins fans, seem to think it was in honor of Lone Star Dietz, though someone found an old newspaper quote from Marshall where he explicitly says that’s not true, and the name Redskins was not to honor Dietz. I’ve always personally thought he named them the Braves to try and possibly steal ticket sales from the other Boston Braves (The baseball team that eventually became Atlanta) or piggyback off the Native American theme, then changed it to Redskins to differentiate or because the Baseball team wanted to stop confusion. I don’t think he did it to be racist despite the fact that he was a huge racist, because the culture was different at the time and while the name might be a slur now, it probably wasn’t then. Darth Brooks mentioned to me that at the time there was a kind of Native American sentimentality (because we had finally subdued all of them) and that may have played a part. Again, we’ll never know why they are the Redskins, we should focus more on the current society when it comes to the name anyway. But that’s is a discussion for another time.

Darth’s Comic is not the only one I have received in the past month, so here are the rest. This Sanchez comic was done by TYFPY (No other information given).


We are going to be making Buttfumble jokes for eternity and I love it. This next comic was done by Ian Guevara, who is clearly a fan of my Johnny & The King comics

The next comic was done by 16 year old Kalan Birnie from the remote state of Hawaii, who wrote a comic inspired by Hawaiian football players and a big fan of the recent Heisman Winner Marcus Mariota

Heisman Hex
“jerseys used once” is easily the best part. The last guest submission I had sent to me was by Adam Weeks, 18, who is a Seahawks fan living in Florida:

Comic for Dave