I’m excited to see all the reports that are going to come out of this Gettleman situation, because whooooooo-eeee! That was unexpected!

Panthers have had a lot of success under Dave Gettleman. They went from occasional upstarts to consistent successes, this past year not-withstanding, and this past year really wasn’t the GM’s fault. You could argue a lot of the current successful team was built on previous drafts, but Getty images still did a great job getting the team into a more financially successful position, one that can keep the team consistently powerful.

Early speculation seems to be that financial reason is exactly why he’s been cut. Jerry Richardson seems like a sentimental guy who wants to overpay veterans and friends. Dave seems like a guy who wants to win. Maybe not quite Patriots levels of heartlessness, but enough heartlessness to make the tough choices that will help the team in the long run. Things like letting an old and overhyped Josh Norman walk. It was a surprise move, but so far seems relatively fine. Norman is still good but he’s not worth the dumpster of money Washington is paying him.

This is one of those firings where we probably won’t know the full story for a while because it was probably all internal personal human drama. People who can’t work together due to different views. By all accounts Gettleman has been a success in Carolina. We shall see what happens now.

Also: Baby Boomers & Gen-Xers obsessed with my generation not doing things the same way yours did: Have you tried avocado toast? It’s delicious.