Our long suffering Buff Dolphins Man will never truly catch a break.

What an ending. We got to see a multiple lateral game-ender actually end on a walk-off TD. No missed extra point this time. The best ending to a game this season. Honestly even if the Dolphins miss the playoffs, or make it and get instantly eliminated, this season can no longer be considered a waste because they managed to get something they can treasure forever from that game. The Miracle in Miami is officially football lore. We are going to watch replays of Rob Gronkowski’s fat butt stumble for eternity.

A lot has been made of the Patriots coaching errors in the final minute and there are certainly some questionable decisions. Kicking the field goal instead of punching it in to make it impossible for the Dolphins to win no matter what. Even if the Pats fail to convert, the Phins are stuck on the 2 yard line with 17 seconds to drive the whole field. A bit questionable, but not that bad. I mean after all how often does something like this happen? Taking the points and demanding the Phins get a touchdown is good football. It just didn’t work out. The real questionable play was putting Gronk at Saftey. The Phins weren’t close enough to the endzone for a hail mary to be much of a threat, don’t put the big slow lug back there. But they did, and they paid for it.

I still kinda can’t believe Drake made it in. When I saw him keep the ball and go for the endzone I thought it was over and he’d get tackled. But he found the crease and Gronk stumbled. So now we have history. My favorite part of all of this is the across the board responses by the announcers. Basically everyone who called this game seemed almost bored until Drake broke free because this never happens. Everyone sounds like Joe Buck, just resigned that this is the usual desperation waste and then suddenly there’s that moment of silence when the announcers all realize the play broke and Kenyon Drake is actually going to do it.

I’ve re-watched the play a billion times and I still feel like Drake is going to get tackled or fuck up a lateral when he cuts inside at the 40. Every time. I don’t know how he pulled out of there. It’s so awesome. Bless you, Dolphins. You have been effectively invisible this year in terms of relevance, but for at least one game, you gave us something to love.

Also, unrelated, but I want it on the record: I take back my disparaging of the Chargers. They legit as hell. We could still have hope for a Ringed Rivers.