Fine, I guess it’s about time we talked about this.

The Tush Push is fine.

It’s perfectly fine. It’s legal, just because the Eagles are good at it doesn’t mean it’s broken. Many teams have started to try it this season and the success rate is about normal for what is essentially just a QB sneak with extra groping. Most of the whining I see about the play is just that: whining. Yes, I also hate that the Eagles have basically found an offensive play that gets them a first down when they need one yard on an automatic basis. That’s because I hate the Eagles and wish them harm, not because I think the play should be banned. I see nothing wrong with the play at all. It’s not a cheat code. It only works on short-yardage situations. The play is not the problem, the problem is defenses have not yet found an appropriate way to counter it. The onus is on coaches and defenses to figure that out.

As several teams have already proven the Tush Push is not automatic. Frankly, the reason the Eagles are good at it is because the Eagles have:
-An outstanding offensive line
-A QB who squats 600lbs and uses his legs as part of his game

If they outlawed the Tush Push and the Eagles could only use regular QB sneaks I’m pretty sure they’d still convert at almost the exact same rate they currently do. QB sneaks are fairly reliable if you have a semi-decent O-line. The catch is always that it only works at short range, so you can’t use it if you are 2+ yards back.

I’ve seen the complaints that the play uses the QB as a “battering ram” and that it’s dangerous but a QB sneak is already a rugby scrum with a ton of contact, a bit extra oomph on the ass isn’t doing much to make it that much more dangerous. I say this as a fan of a team that lost two linemen to the play on Monday night. The Giants failed and got hurt because the Giants are butt. Not the play’s fault. I’ve also seen Richard Sherman’s critique of the play, which is probably the best counterargument that I’ve seen overall, and still isn’t precisely on point. Here’s his point:

“My problem with the tush push is the NFL literally banned defensive players from pushing other players into the offensive formation on FG and PATs because it was a “Health and safety issue” but now it’s ok because it benefits the offense?”

I think that’s fair. If the NFL literally banned defenders pushing other defenders on the basis of safety, then the offense probably shouldn’t be able to do it either. Thing is, Field Goals and PATs are different plays than a 4th and short up the gut. As far as I know, defenders are able to shove dudes on these sneaks, and I wonder why that hasn’t been deployed as a tactic yet. A few linebackers shoving a nose tackle up the middle might be exactly the right way to stuff the Hut Hut Butt. But if that is illegal, then yeah, that’s a double standard.

There are also people who want to ban it because it isn’t fun to watch. Give me a fucking break. Eat my butt. QB sneaks have existed forever and are just as boring to watch and nobody ever cried about banning them because it was a dull play. Most of us aren’t thrilled when a team chucks RBs up the stuffed A gap late in games trying to run out the clock. It’s strategy. Teams aren’t focused on looking good for the cameras, they are focused on winning. If you want your football to be exclusively aesthetically pleasing fancy plays why the hell are you watching a sport derived from Rugby that spent most of its existence as big dudes smashing into each other? I like the Tush Push for reminding me of the sport’s roots. I think watching a team move forward en masse is actually pretty cool. I think it’s funny watching players touch each other on the butt. Football is deeply erotic.

So yeah. If you want my opinion on the Tush Push, or “Brotherly Shove”, or as it should truly be called, The Bush Push; it’s fine, and everyone should shut the fuck up about it. The amount of whining I’ve seen about this stupid fucking legal play is ridiculous.

Now the Lane Johnson false start leg kickback thing that’s been causing controversy, that one should be outlawed imo. No movement till the snap ya fuckers.

Final Reminder: Going on vacation for a week, don’t expect an update till later next week