I know I said I wasn’t going to make any more comics this week but sometimes inspiration hits when it decides it wants to hit. After seeing this vital report from Jason B. Hirschhorn on Twitter on Monday, I could simply not let this important piece of deep NFL lore go by unshared. The world needs to know about The Piss Boys. Why were they the piss boys? Did they constantly make piss jokes? Was it just a lot of Piss and Vinegar? WHY WERE THEY THE PISS BOYS? WE NEED THIS INFORMATION.

Considering the Northwestern hazing scandal that has recently come to light, there are a lot of unsavory reasons they may have been called The Piss Boys. But I hope the reasons are funnier than that.

Anyway drop your favorite Piss Boys tracks below. Biggest hits from Matt LaFlow and Piss Master Shanny. With a little help from my twitter followers:

-Spider 2 y Drain the Banana
-Drain the Main Vein ft. Whiz Kalifa
-Tinkle Tinkle little star
-Aiming for Glory
-You Got Dat Drip
-Steamin Hot
-Breakin the seal
-Number 1 on the streets, Number 1 in the sheets
-Urinal Caked Up
-Hittin the 3rd rail
-Drop Trou like the piss is hot
-In the ocean no one notices
-Shake Well
-Yellow bottle by the highway
-Into the wind (never again)
-Hit the (golden) showers


Okay so I know today was a lie but there will 100% not be a comic on Friday for Wife Birthday reasons