Christmas 2008 – March 2016

So I have a little bit of a technical problem at the moment. My faithful Wacom Intuos 3 that I got for Christmas as a junior in college 7 years ago has appeared to have given up the ghost. RIP old faithful. I took care of you the best I could.

I went through 2 pens, who knows how many pen tips, and countless papers (I tape a thin paper sheet over the tablet so it feels like I’m drawing on paper, also my hand sweat sticks to the screen if I don’t). I’ve used that tablet almost daily for at least 4 years now, as everything I make is digital and everything was drawn with that bad boy. But I’ve noticed a few bugs crop up over time. The cursor in photoshop would get stuck on certain tools, or change the cursor size at random. Most bugs would be solved by simply switching to my internet tab or in the worst cases, restarting Photoshop. But on Tuesday I had a weird error that locked up my mouse and keyboard and forced an entire restart. It happened a couple more times on Thursday, and it got to the point where my computer would only function normally if my tablet wasn’t plugged in. It still worked on my backup laptop, and I made the Rueben Randle comic that way, but even then it got kind of sketchy after a few hours of use. I need to do a little bit more trouble shooting to make sure it’s for sure the tablet but I’m pretty sure my best friend is dead. Even installing old drivers only gave it a couple extra hours of life before it bugged out again.

So in the meantime while I gather some funds and figure out what tablet to buy, I’ll probably have to make a few more of these, because I MUST MAKE DEADLINES. However with the tablet dead, it frees up some time for me to finalize some other IMPORTANT DRAW PLAY UPDATES that I have had planned for a while, so stay tuned later this week (possibly tomorrow) for IMPORTANT EARTH SHATTERING NEWS.

in the meantime pour one out for my baby 🙁

Edit: To everyone telling me to kickstart/Gofundme a new tablet, please come back tomorrow, as my announcement will be rather pertinent to your idea.