You might remember a version of this same comic with the Steelers and Michael Vick. I tried my hand at multiple ideas, but ultimately they all boiled down to this same point, and by then I was short on time, so here we are. It’s almost fitting, in a way, because of how the Steelers and Ravens have always felt like the same basic team and fanbase with a different color scheme. One is full of spoiled jerks, and the other is full of NO RESPEK jerks, but all football fans are jerks, so it’s okay. I’m a jerk. So are you. That friend of yours? Huge jerk. You know the one.

The Ravens were “in discussions” about possibly signing Kaepernick. It likely won’t happen. It’ll probably end the same way Seattle’s flirtation with Kaep ended. With the team wussing out on a player that would clearly be an upgrade but “costs too much” or “Isn’t playing weight” or whatever rationalization the team comes up with to avoid telling the truth: they’re too afraid of the drama. Everyone keeps pointing at how much money Kaep is asking for, but to my knowledge Kaep’s camp hasn’t released anything and almost every report feels like plain old speculation. Speculate he’s asking for too much because that makes Kaep the bad guy, people buy into it, it becomes “the truth” as the story is morphed by different biased sources, and then people use “he’s asking for too much money” as a FACT in arguments despite that we don’t have enough evidence proving it. I’ll admit it’s hard for me to trust any reporters who are trying desperately to pretend Kaep’s politics drama isn’t the reason he’s unemployed. It’s so painfully obvious he’s being rejected from football for not football reasons.

Reasons like dumb fans who worship bastion of morality Ray “Helped cover up murder” Lewis and until the second video came out were more than happy to give Ray “punched his wife unconscious” the benefit of the doubt. If you worship Ray goddamn Lewis but hate Kaep to the point that you will “quit being a fan of the team” because you disagree with his peaceful protest, oof.

Back before the draft I predicted Kaep would get a job quickly afterward because teams would then know their QB situation better and someone would realize they need his abilities as a backup. I no longer think he will play this year, if ever again. Time has gone on, the reasons for rejecting him football wise are weaker and weaker arguments, he’s not getting a job unless a freak injury happens.

Obligatory #notallRavensfans #notallfootballfans